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Hy there,
>>> This is good stuff.  Is it possible we can put the actual content on
>>> the wiki rather than linking to a document?
>> If course you can :) This is just one of several documents I have to
>> compile from my notes.
>> Feel free to change it, insert it.
> +1 Robyn about "putting our stuff in version control." I took 5 minutes 
> to port the document to wiki syntax, and we've got a page now: 
I think we should from the beginning on differentiate what stuff is for
general purpose and what is the deliverables we get from such docs for
the fedoraproject itself.
It is good to have such things like SWOT, Communication Matrix, How to
do things in the Marketing world, etc. but at the end we want something
coming out of this and not only "it would be good if we have something
like this" stuff. Often exactly that "goal" flows out of our hands. Its
only a small "reminder" to ourself ;-)

Maybe it is possible to make subsections in the wiki like
marketing/docs/marketing_material general for all that is not "directly"
related to the Marketing material like Talking Points, etc.
> Added to the list at 
> for ease-of-finding later.
> Nelson, this is great - I'd definitely encourage you to blog about this, 
+1!! You should definitly start to blog.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
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