Ideas! Marketing FAD, here we come....

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Fri Mar 12 14:59:49 UTC 2010

Ryan said today, or yesterday, or possibly, technically, the day
before yesterday, that he was hoping to not be stuck next to a
sleeping old lady on the plane.  Well guess what! It may be me. :D

Anyway, moving along...

Since I can't sleep, I was going through emails and such on my
crackberry, and I came across poelcat's latest marketing schedule
brief that he sends out (So Awesomely, I might add).  Which got me
thinking, which got me out of bed, and to this list of ideas.  As
always, just suggestions, feel free to tell me if I'm insane (quite
possible after absolutely no sleep).  We can probably do some of this
stuff at the FAD (in our copious spare time, of course).  John, if
you're interested in going over / talking about #3 below - can you let
us know a convenient time for you? :)

1)  Can poelcat possibly add links (not necessarily hyperlinked,
although that would be cool too) for each item on the schedule to the
appropriate SOP? For example:

Start       End         Name
Tue 02-Mar  Tue 30-Mar  Feature Profiles
Thu 04-Mar  Mon 08-Mar  Create Alpha Announcement (Marketing & Docs)
http://etc, etc (not sure if we have an SOP for this?)

2) Have a place in each SOP we create where we can reference the
item's place in the schedule. Also, describe any serious hard
dependencies, or what the previous items are that we depend on being
done to start that particular schedule item... or if it has no
dependencies at all.  I think it would be great for newcomers who are
working on deliverables to be able to easily reference the broader
scope of this item's place in the schedule.

3) Marketing schedule SOP.  How does this magic happen? Link to John's
descriptions / schedule pages / etc.  Who to contact if schedule has
issues that need to be resolved (in the event John passes this task to

4) Stickster: Your magic template action. For reference:

a) Can you possibly give us a rundown at the FAD on how these magic
templates (the {{subst:Slogan}} part) work, how to create one, etc.?

b) Maybe we could magic-template, somehow, John's schedule to feed
into a {{subst:MarketingSchedule}} (I have no idea if that's correct),
that we could link into each SOP? Not sure how / if this would work.

4) Let's knock out any remaining SOPs. Feature profiles is one of them.

5) Completely unrelated to SOPs / scheduling stuff: Spins.  I was
thinking that since we're doing feature profiles... maybe we could do
some Spins interviews? Either with the SIGs creating them, or perhaps
a different take would be with someone who uses them.  Maybe this
would help to address the item in this mail
- "Little support by marketing: Was there ever done any marketing for
the spins?" as well as some of the things discussed in ever-so-epic
"Getting Fedora out of the if-then loop" thread on FAB-list.

(Incidentally, I offered up the opportunity in an email in that thread
to open up discussion on what the spin folks would like to see done in
terms of marketing - created a wiki page and referenced it for people
to populate it with their ideas. As you can see, there were no bites.
Wiki page here:  But I
think we should maybe discuss what we can do there, since obviously
there is the perception that nothing is being done.)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions - if anyone thinks this stuff is
useful, I'll go ahead and add these somewhere in the FAD schedule.

After I sleep. :D



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