Question related to the event I am organizing in Portugal to promote Fedora.

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Fri Mar 12 22:54:36 UTC 2010

 Dear all,

 I know I was refered to the Ambassadors list in the past regarding
this. But from my scope this is a Marketing issue.

 I have Rodrigo Padula as my Mentor as well.

 I have a meeting with my institute Administration to present the
project and get their support for place and logistics. I am working on a
document in Portuguese to present them, which is also a base for another
document to be presented to some institutions which are
local/national/international Industry leaders, such as Portugal Telecom
to be involved on this event.

 This is meant to be a Fedora/Red Hat promotion event to national IT
industry and to the Portuguese Community. I have got nice information
from Rodrigo about possibly launching the Fedora Community in Portugal
and I was informed that Red Hat has already got the domains.

 This is a good time (the event will occur in end of may or june, most
like last weekend of may) to hit hard with the release of Fedora 13.

 My question is directed to everyone, engineering personal, marketing,
artists, etc. We are trying to gather more people to become involved on
fedora, not only just my institute, but other contributors like artists,
packagers, etc.

 What has been done in the past? Anyone wants to share some experiences
they had previously? If my institute gets involved, I'm hitting the
national industry (over 240.000 small/medium business, and the heavy
weights as well, like Portugal Telecom), and I will have cooperation for
communication campaign and such.

 How can we envolve the Fedora community on this? What do we want to
safekeep? And how can the Marketing Team get involved, because after
all, I am a Marketing student, and I want to promote open source
marketing as well. My image is on stake here, between my friends at
school, before my own institute and before the local industry.

 What materials do we have that can be used?
 Can we establish a link with someone on the artwork team wishing to
help us?

 From my scope, I am planning to document everything for future usage by
whoever wants to organize such an event. If my institute gets involved,
this means I have the opportunity to work with Marketing Professionals
from my institute and rally support on teachers for the campaign. There
a lot we all can learn.

 And if Fedora can provide a Marketing Team speaker to give a conference
on Open Source Marketing, this would be great. I will approach soon
(once I have the dates) the Aveiro City Hall, so that this Fedora event
is a part of the City's cultural program (free advertisement ;)), as I
am approaching some Hotel's so that they can sponsor the event (would be
great at zero cost, if not, I'll try to get special prices for anyone
traveling here).

 Yes I am motivated!
 Yes I want to shake this country!
 Yes I want to promote open source!
 Yes I want to succeed as a future marketing professional!
 And yes, I do have lots of eyes looking at me already ;)


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