Question related to the event I am organizing in Portugal to promote Fedora.

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On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 10:54:36PM +0000, Nelson Marques wrote:

> But from my scope this is a Marketing issue.

OK, I hear what you are saying.  I do see some of your items as
probably marketing related.  Still, it is often Ambassadors who do
these items, but _maybe_ they should be overseen by Marketing.
Here are the items I see:

> I am working on a
> document in Portuguese to present them, which is also a base for another
> document to be presented to some institutions which are
> local/national/international Industry leaders, such as Portugal Telecom
> to be involved on this event.

Is this document generic and can be applied to more than one event?

Can it be written in a general (generic) way?

>  My question is directed to everyone, engineering personal, marketing,
> artists, etc. We are trying to gather more people to become involved on
> fedora, not only just my institute, but other contributors like artists,
> packagers, etc.

Is your question directed _inward_ for Fedora Project, looking for
people to be involved in a specific event or/

Or is it directed _outward_ trying to draw those people in to the
Fedora Project?  If yes, where is the question asked?  In the document
you are writing in Portugese?

BTW, I approve of writing in one's native language and then having it
translated, to English if necessary.

>  What has been done in the past? Anyone wants to share some experiences
> they had previously? If my institute gets involved, I'm hitting the
> national industry (over 240.000 small/medium business, and the heavy
> weights as well, like Portugal Telecom), and I will have cooperation for
> communication campaign and such.

What has been done in the past in what way?

If your questions are mainly about creating or being involved in an
event, the Ambassadors have the experience and help get it done.

If you are looking to write and use general materials, maybe Marketing
is the right place to discuss.

>  How can we envolve the Fedora community on this? What do we want to
> safekeep? And how can the Marketing Team get involved, because after
> all, I am a Marketing student, and I want to promote open source
> marketing as well. My image is on stake here, between my friends at
> school, before my own institute and before the local industry.
>  What materials do we have that can be used?
>  Can we establish a link with someone on the artwork team wishing to
> help us?

As your plans come together, you can ask the Design Team for help.
Ambassadors has experience here, too.

>  From my scope, I am planning to document everything for future usage by
> whoever wants to organize such an event. If my institute gets involved,
> this means I have the opportunity to work with Marketing Professionals
> from my institute and rally support on teachers for the campaign. There
> a lot we all can learn.
>  And if Fedora can provide a Marketing Team speaker to give a conference
> on Open Source Marketing, this would be great. I will approach soon
> (once I have the dates) the Aveiro City Hall, so that this Fedora event
> is a part of the City's cultural program (free advertisement ;)), as I
> am approaching some Hotel's so that they can sponsor the event (would be
> great at zero cost, if not, I'll try to get special prices for anyone
> traveling here).
>  Yes I am motivated!
>  Yes I want to shake this country!
>  Yes I want to promote open source!
>  Yes I want to succeed as a future marketing professional!
>  And yes, I do have lots of eyes looking at me already ;)

There is the concept of 'strategy' and 'tactics'.  Strategy, in this
case, would think about, "Is telecom a good area for Fedora
Ambassadors to concentrate effort?"  Tactics, in this case, would
think about, "Now that I know I am going to concentrate on telecom,
how do I go about it?"

In general, Fedora Project Marketing and Ambassadors separate their
focuses this way:

* The Marketing team is trying to be the strategic voice -- understand
  and help set the larger approach to open marketing of Fedora.

* The Ambassador team is the tactical voice -- understanding and doing
  the actual work of open marketing of Fedora.

One important difference from other Marketing approaches is that in
Fedora, it is sometimes the individual ambassadors who decide where
they personally want to put their effort.

So, as you share the success of your work on
e.g., the Marketing people will see that it
may have further strategic focus.

Finally, it appears we have a strong need for useful marketing
materials that ambassadors can use.  We've talked about this a long
time, too.  Some people who care need to not only create and collect,
but find a way to curate such a collection.  Things change rapidly,
content needs regular updates, and it can be a lot of work for one or
a small group.  Perhaps Fedora Insight has some role to play here.

Does any of this help?

- Karsten
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