Marketing Trac - A little introduction!

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Mar 22 16:28:33 UTC 2010

<snip the best and most thorough introduction to Trac usage I've ever 
seen - thank you, Robyn!>

> Also - I think it would be a great idea to have a Trac SOP for
> marketing - how to get to the Marketing Trac, how we use it, the
> basics of looking at tickets, creating tickets, closing tickets, etc.
> Things like "who do i have to talk to to get additional categories
> created," documenting who the current administrators are, etc. would
> probably also be helpful for those new to Trac.  If anyone is feeling
> bold and would like to create their first ticket - this is a great
> opportunity.  Feel free to assign it to me - and drop a line in
> response to this email saying it's been created, and list the ticket
> number!

I was about to do this, then realized it'd be a good thing for someone 
else who hasn't used Trac yet to do - I'd be happy to walk folks through 
this on IRC if they like (mchua on #fedora-mktg).

Something else I've seen done to good effect - keeping meeting agenda 
items in Trac (tag the ticket with the keyword 'meeting' and using that 
for a queue). I've found that wiki pages are personally easier for me to 
look at and update, but if we *really* want to push Trac usage we could 
try that out as well.


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