Self-Introduction: (Manuel Escudero)

Mel Chua mel at
Sun May 2 04:56:56 UTC 2010

On 05/02/2010 12:20 AM, Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Ok... Thank's for the Information... In fact, I'm Joining to the
> Marketing group because that's one of the tasks that I need to
> accomplish in order to get into the ambassadors group, I really want to
> Join to the ambassadors group so I'm working with a mentor to get that
> happen... Now that I'm inside of the Marketing group I wanna know in how
> other ways I can help Fedora being in this group, is there a task queue
> or something like that? I'll try to reach you trough the IRC, Again, Thanks.

Forwarding to the team list, so that others can see questions and help 
reach out. ;)

We have a ticket queue at which has some tasks 
that may be useful to pick up. However, this isn't the most up-to-date 
place (unfortunately) and we could definitely do a better job of keeping 
it triaged.

What I would suggest is taking a look at some of the more specific 
subprojects and deliverables - I've listed 3 below, going from less 
specific ("look at the projects list!") to more specific ("find  a way 
to localize the F13 one-page release notes for your region once the 
content there is finished.")

Anyone have a specific task they'd like a hand on? I'm mostly thinking 
about deliverables these days, myself, so my mind is on the one-page 
release notes. ;)


>     Fedora (both the Marketing team and the project as a whole) tends to
>     be a place where planning happens from the bottom-up more than the
>     top-down - several people sharing ideas, saying "oh, I'm also
>     interested in that!" and then teaming up to make it happen. You can
>     see some of the ideas people are working on now at
>, but also please
>     feel free to propose your own ideas and areas of interest, or team
>     up with others - for instance, perhaps you'd be interested in
>     working with Robyn on
>, or with Garland
>     on

>     You mentioned interest in doing a spin - perhaps you'd be interested
>     in working on making marketing resources for spins as a whole?
>     (Doing your own spin and showcasing its marketing as an example,
>     then showing how other spins can do the same, is a great way to
>     start.) Our current spins site is,
>     and the Spins SIG ( can
>     answer other (more technical) questions about the spin creation process.

>     ( - not
>     all of them have been documented yet). One thing that would be great
>     to have, that we did last time, is a localization of the one page
>     release notes
>     ( They
>     are not finished yet, but you can see the ones from the last release
>     cycle
>     ( as
>     well as the translation
>     (, thank you Neville
>     and Tatica!) Is this something you might be interested in working on?

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