Re: Fedora Project em Português

David Nalley david at
Thu May 6 00:46:14 UTC 2010

2010/5/5 Nelson Marques <07721 at>:
> Paul and everyone,
>  I do apologize for some more harsh language, but I won't apologize for
> the ideas behind them, as I do believe in them.
>  It was taken elsewhere and I did answered to one offending email by
> private before all of this.
>  I don't believe you are acting impartially, and I am not naive to
> neglect that Brazilians do occupy some strategical positions in the
> community (all in general) and that gives them more leverage power. I
> was speaking about this some minutes ago with GNOME pt_PT translators
> from which they said they were on my side on this one.
>  As you follow the trans_pt lists, you know by now that it is easy for
> me to mobilize people. You also noticed that joining me to them, and
> eventually rallie for the other Portuguese on the Project we would have
> a more strong position, and by now you wouldn't be dealing with just a
> contributor, but instead a potential leader of a small part of the
> community. Which brings me to a question...
>  Do you believe it would be better for me to leave? I really appreciated
> your sincerity on it, and though you might not understand it, if that is
> a benefit for the project or community, all you need to do, is ask for
> it. I don't stay where I am not welcome, but I will not surrender and be
> quiet when one or more attack my culture.
>  For your information, you warned me once before, because "bleeded my
> eyes", I failed to see you warning others that stated "bleeded our
> hearts". If one is offensive, so is the other. I dont believe you are
> being impartial Paul... But maybe you haven't readed all the thread, and
> I understand you are a man without much time, unlike me.
>  Please, if you believe that there is no place for me, feel free to ask
> for my withdrawal. But I can't promise I will be nice if someone attacks
> my culture and I do expect impartiality.
>  Small heads up: I've not answered an email and stated it. I was
> expecting your intervention there. My bad, wrong assumptions.
>  nelson


The bottom line is that attacks aren't welcome here regardless of
where they come from or who they are against. There may be pieces here
that I haven't seen, but the traffic on the list has been unacceptable
by Fedora's standards. Those standards apply to everyone involved in
this thread and in the project.

We should also be giving fellow contributors the benefit of the doubt.
We are all working in written emails and IRC, which already loses
valuable communication channels like intonation and body language. Add
to that fact that we are communicating in english, and not everyone
speaks the same variant of english, and most of the people in this
thread do not have english as their mother-tongue and miscommunication
is bound to happen. It's very easy, in that case to perceive an insult
where none is intended, and things can easily escalate from there. In
example, on another mailing list I am on, a non-native english speaker
wrote a message which if read without that context, would have led one
to believe that the writer intended to commit criminal acts against
small children. That clearly was not the case, and the writer was
horrified at the impression it gave once informed. It's far too easy
to forget this complication because we are immersed in it daily.
Generally speaking I don't think that any contributor wishes ill
against any other contributor in the project.

Nelson: in response to your question of whether or not you should
depart. I certainly hope that you don't. I see great potential in some
of the work you are doing, and hope to see that flourish. However,
Fedora is a community, and the members of that community must respect
one another. Moreover I think, there's a technical solution to all of
this, that would obviate the disagreement. That being said, continued
behavior as seen in this thread, on your part or other's is not

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