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Hi Nelson,

Am 08.05.2010 18:08, schrieb Nelson Marques:
> During my several
> calls on the community normal channels, none has been answered, so I'm
> assuming we don't have active Ambassadors in Portugal, 

we have 3 Ambassadors listed on our Verification Page for Portugal - if
not already contacted by you, maybe we can encourage them to become more


> and the only one
> who managed this call, as been turned down as Ambassador due to "not
> enough work". Well, this is discussable as I'm not sure in what grounds
> such statements were made. 

I think the mentioned Candidate should reapply and try it again, if he
is still interested to be an Ambassador.

We had a clean up last year in Ambassadors,
where we removed Ambassador-group-membership for every Account who had a
expired Password and were market inactive and not loggedin/commited
something for a timeperiod of 8 month.


The other case could be, that this person was not sponsored into the
Ambassadors Group because his mentor rejected his request, because the
candidate was not ready or skilled enough to represent Fedora as a
official Ambassador at this time. In this case the Candidate is free to
reapply at any time and we also have a dispute resoltion process if the
candidate thinks the Mentor is wrong.

I support the idea of an FAD in Portugal. Parameter like the schedule
and venue are local condition that a local contributor knows best. At
any time we can put it on the EMEA Ambassadors Meeting Agenda to help
planing or make it more concrete.

cu Joerg
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