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Many thanks for highlighting this. The problem is that fp.o/pt/ is
already being used for targeting Portuguese European Audiences. So will
be coherent?

Then another problem rises, IANA has defined that .br is brazil and .pt
is Portugal (outside of the scope of l10n). Everyday using numbers
previously launched on another discussion, at least 190+10 or 250+50
million users associate by instinct .pt to portugal and .br to brazil.
So the main goal of the wiki is to provide easy access to information...
So people who might be interested on us are probably already using a
coming rule that is followed by many nations. I will point you two

I provide a publication made by the CIA based on actual facts and
worldwide conventions accepted by all the civilized world. The
information there can be verified and sustained, which doesn't happen
many times with wiki pages.

Check the part where it says: "Internet Country Code" under
Communications. We deliever information through the internet, following
those rules that were are some point mandated by IANA
( not to mention the political implications in
which PT and BR expressions are used daily.

Are we going to deliever our message to our users at some point using
the wrong recipient? Based on what?

Honestly I'm out of this mess because I really don't want to see the
results. As long as I'm pointed in the right way and someone says
clearly where they want the information. The problems that might arise
later will not be of my concern. So far I believed I've provided enough
information for what I believe to the correct solution. Not based on
personal pride, not based on foolish nationalism, not based on active
contributions! Instead based on common sense and according to several
conventions made worldwide at very different levels, from internet to

I'm wondering how far people will go in redefining "freedom", to me it
still looks like despotism in some particular cases.

I rest my case, I have to had to this discussion anymore. I stopped
caring about this issue. Since 2008 that some try to do something for
Portugal. You want the results! Check the wiki and edits and who made
them. Check the Portuguese community evolution lines.

Thanks for point very good information, but this is no longer my fight,
neither it is in my hands anymore.


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> Nelson,
> You may also want to talk to the wiki team (which overlaps with the
> docs team) about the status of internationalization in general for the
> wiki.  
> Maybe revive the trac ticket that was ment to start the research way
> back when.
> -Susan
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