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On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 04:01:13PM +0100, Nelson Marques wrote:
> Susan,
> Many thanks for highlighting this. The problem is that fp.o/pt/ is
> already being used for targeting Portuguese European Audiences. So will
> be coherent?

Good point here -- I see that there are already a number of wiki pages
also that are Brazilian Portuguese and use pt_BR in their title.  We
do want consistency.

[...substantial background info...]
> Honestly I'm out of this mess because I really don't want to see the
> results. As long as I'm pointed in the right way and someone says
> clearly where they want the information. The problems that might arise
> later will not be of my concern. So far I believed I've provided enough
> information for what I believe to the correct solution. Not based on
> personal pride, not based on foolish nationalism, not based on active
> contributions! Instead based on common sense and according to several
> conventions made worldwide at very different levels, from internet to
> political.
> I'm wondering how far people will go in redefining "freedom", to me it
> still looks like despotism in some particular cases.
> I rest my case, I have to had to this discussion anymore. I stopped
> caring about this issue. Since 2008 that some try to do something for
> Portugal. You want the results! Check the wiki and edits and who made
> them. Check the Portuguese community evolution lines.
> Thanks for point very good information, but this is no longer my fight,
> neither it is in my hands anymore.

That's where you're wrong Nelson -- it's in all of our hands.  If we
can have constructive discussions that refrain from casting aspersions
at others, we can easily arrive at a solution that works for everyone.

If our current website uses a pt/pt_BR approach, we can easily
standardize on that.  The right way to approach that standardization
is simple.  We can point to the website as an established standard,
and I think everyone can agree we don't want to confuse people between
one site and another.

If the approach is to quote lots of independent studies and government
organizations, resulting in email that's far longer than it needs to
be, it's more likely to fail.

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