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Fri May 28 19:32:17 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-05-27 at 19:12 -0400, Ivan Makfinsky wrote:
> Good evening all.
> Hi, my name is Ivan Makfinsky and I live in Washington, DC. My Fedora
> Account System username is makfinsky, and my IRC nick is makfinsky.
> I decided to join the Fedora Marketing team after meeting Robyn Bergeron
> at this past weekend's FADNA, and am interested in joining because I am
> an ambassador and find marketing to be integral to being an ambassador.
> Background: I have been working with Linux for years, am a contract
> consultant and instructor for Red Hat and do plenty of work
> independently. I have been a Fedora Ambassador for just over a year now.
> Just recently finished the RHCA and have worked primarily as a SysAdmin
> and Systems Architect.
> This is the first marketing project I have worked on, sort of. I've been
> doing a fair amount of research on marketing in the past few years,
> especially since I became an independent consultant. Being an
> independent requires that you do all your own marketing and branding.
> The work done on the Fedora Project in terms of branding and marketing
> is rather impressive.
> Am very excited to help in whatever way I can.
> - Ivan

Welcome Ivan!

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