[In the news] Fedora and GNOME branding drama: Missing the big picture

Frankie Mangoa frankiemangoa at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 07:37:33 UTC 2011

Hold on just one minute.
i think someone has something wrong here.
first of all it is important to notice that first impression is everything.

I wan us to look at it this way.
even though one never really looks at thei wall paper the first on
they get means a lot.
why do you think both windows and mac market so much to put their logo
or if not the logo something that the minset would immediately
register that this is an OSX machine or a windows one.
sorry not the macine but he OS is running on that machine.
gives a sense of belonging.
that is why even on the log in screen they try and make sure a normal
user can not change the appearance unless  you know your technical
stuff very wel.
it is the first impression.as much as one can argue that we should
work on geting users over linux and not focus on branding it is
important for us to realize that branding is something that will
affect us majorly whether we like it to or not.

I dont think we should work on personal basis of who moed to where and
then wat happen and this are the reasons why.
as far as I am concerned I appreciate people who exchange healthy
ideas( both positive and negative). by healthy here i mean that one
can see the way forward and how a particular problem can be solved.

branding is something that is very important and his just adds on
especially when one has a product that works just right.
it is that simple.
Both go hand in hand.
so if you ask me is branding important?
is it important to make sure you have a product that works?
is it also important that sers are able to say i got a machine that i
got this OS and this thing works like magic.?
I think all are good.
and considering there as soo many distros then one will just have to
know which specific one.

now that is what I call marketing that works for us even by people who
are not necessarily on the mailing list.



On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 4:31 AM, Neville A. Cross <neville at taygon.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-04-21 at 12:57 -0500, Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier wrote:
> <snip>
>> > This is just my opinion and I may be wrong but something tells me this
>> > is heathy.
>> Sure, internal drama that distracts team members from working together
>> and making forward progress is *always* healthy. </sarcasm>
> For years there has been an effort to get user base. There has been a
> shift toward increase collaboration base. Then the big picture is how
> hard is to get a new collaborators, how long you can have it on board
> and other related questions. Listening to internal drama may be
> important for people having those issues. Specially if there is value
> associated to keep those people on board,  but outsiders (as one that
> his work has not been shacked) may use sarcasm to belittle others
> peoples feelings.
> Sure there is need to maintain user base, and probably branding may not
> be very important to newbies or casual users... Anyway they should
> tryout several options until they feel that they are ready to "root"
> themselves. When they become contributors, branding gives sense of
> belonging. At this point I think branding matters. Small details
> matters.
> I think about this as a bug... for some people will be disruptive, for
> others will be trivial. The big picture will be how important are those
> people that this bug is disrupting to keep the project going forward. It
> has been said that it is better to get one new contributor that one
> thousand new users (Think it was Paul Frields who wrote that on one
> mailing list). It took me some time to digest it, because I was on the
> old paradigm of creating user base.
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