Insight and Fedora Weekly News

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Mon Dec 3 14:55:47 UTC 2012

Ruth Suehle píše v Pá 30. 11. 2012 v 17:07 -0500:
> Was just chatting with nirik on IRC about the feasibility of WordPress. 
> He says it was not a joy to maintain last time we tried it. But if 
> that's the preferred option, letting host it and map to 
> Insight costs a whopping $13/year, which I imagine we could find in the 
> budget. It also massively simplifies user management, IMO, as a current 
> editor of both WP and Drupal sites.
> Ruth

I have experience with both Drupal ( and Wordpress
( We have Wordpress with quite a few extensions at
and sometimes things get broken during upgrades, but the overall
experience with Wordpress is so much better than with Drupal that I
prefer Wordpress in spite of occasional hiccups.
Anyway, it's pretty much just an implementation detail. Content is
what's going to make it successful. I hope we'll have something like
OMG!Ubuntu or Webup8 about Fedora. A news magazine/blog that would make
a buzz around Fedora.


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