Marketing retrospective for F19

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at
Wed Jul 3 04:44:44 UTC 2013


The marketing schedule here[1] says the marketing team is supposed to be
in a phase of retrospection currently. Any hints on how this should

I also notice that the schedule does have stuff like "One page beta
release notes" in them, but I don't recall us making one. (I just see
the beta release announcement[2]). Is the schedule put up after
discussion with the mktg team, or is this just a template that is
followed release after release? Do/Can we have a check list of release
related tasks somewhere that we should constantly keep an eye on?

A retrospection might be a good thing really. What have we done to
market F19?

What I tried to get going:
1. The flyer, which Zoltan picked up.
2. The release video which Nitesh is working on.
3. Miscellaneous screaming about test days and other items

Nothing else this release really. I should've started running around
with both of these way earlier to ensure they were completed by release
day. I'll try working more on marketing this release: specially
ambassador related stuff.

PS: I hadn't applied to the marketing group in FAS yet, so I wasn't a
member of the team "officially" :(. I've applied to the group now.

Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)

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