Fossetcon bag insert

Gabriele Trombini (mailga) mailga at
Mon Aug 25 18:56:38 UTC 2014

In data lunedì 25 agosto 2014 14:18:38, Ruth Suehle ha scritto:
> > Please can you explain me what a "bag insert" is?
> Something they put in the attendee bag on behalf of your project. 
> a postcard or flyer of some sort. Sticker. Sometimes a USB stick or 
pen or
> whatever. A notable exception is Open Hardware Summit, which 
requires all
> bag inserts to be useful items.

Thank you Ruth.

IMHO in this case we can write a Fedora presentation with target to 
"how to get Fedora" and "how to contribute".

At the moment I'm not sure that talking about is 
productive, because links are not ready (new site is still work in 
progress), but it's certainly a added value to the Project.

The graphic to apply is also in a alpha phase, but that's a secondary 

So we have to decide if is the case to mention Fedora.Next (added 
value) or don't talk of it.

In any case I think we should produce a flyer.


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