Marketing the workstation as suitable for both developers and normal end users

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I just saw this on the devel list. It seems that the intended target
audience of the workstation has been assumed to be only developers
completely excluding simple end users. What can we do to clarify this?

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On Wed, 2014-12-10 at 09:52 -0700, Jerry James wrote:
> Workstation isn't suitable; they
> aren't developers (yet).  Server and Cloud are definitely right out.
> I don't want a Live CD; I want to actually install.  (In the past,
> installing from a Live CD left one with different defaults than an
> install from DVD, so I've learned to avoid the Live CD.  Perhaps that
> reflex is now wrong.)

Yes, this has always been a problem, one that has been solved by
removing everything except the live CD. :p

> I guess I could go with one of the spins, but I
> don't see a GNOME spin anywhere.  Is there really no DVD image for a
> generic GNOME desktop install?

This would be redundant with Fedora Workstation. Workstation is what you
want to download. We want it to be great for developers, but it's not
for developers only: your confusion indicates that we have not been
successful at marketing it as such.
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