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Fri Feb 14 17:16:18 UTC 2014

El 2014-02-14 07:51, Joe Brockmeier escribió:
> On 02/12/2014 02:14 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> So, marketing team people: what do you think? Which is the right 
>> general
>> approach? If we do the second thing, does it dilute our ability to 
>> deliver
>> the Fedora Message? How can we overcome that? Other questions? Other
>> answers?
> I'm in the "low bar" camp, depending on the definition of "promote"
> here. For example, we currently "promote" spins on the Web site, and I
> don't think that should change. The alpha/beta/final announcements can
> and should include mentions of spins and other work in Fedora even if
> it's not it's one of the Three Products.
> But we might say it's up to folks doing "other" work to come up with
> screenshots/copy, etc. if we're going to put them on the site/include 
> in
> release announcements, etc.
> In other words - they'll need to meet the marketing team part-way and
> get involved if they want help promoting their work, but we shouldn't 
> be
> refusing to promote anything done in Fedora if the team doing the work
> is willing to take those steps.

I have to confess ignorance. It is the live media team going to be the 
work station team? Or it is up to work station team to choose what 
desktop to ship and maybe live media team has to change to gnome spin 
team? Splitting  may impact in the number of people available for doing 
things. Live media is what we give to people not knowing what "flavor" 
to pick. It seem logical to me that now that "flavor" will be work 

I feel that there is the need to bring ambassadors up to speed in what 
will be the new message. A lot of material is approved and done 
regionally. Ambassadors do the leg work, and they need to know what is 
this new thing. They need to know how to answer questions like: What is 
this new "flavor"? Why did you changed the "last season" "flavor"?

So, ambassadors need to get involved and do their part-way to meet 
marketing? Or it is marketing team need to do they part-way to meet 

I comment this because so long time ago, ambassadors "have to" be in 
marketing list. Now, in the joining process for ambassadors is like 
"look to those list to see if one catch your attention". Among a bunch 
of lists it is marketing list. Most likely an ambassador work in other 
things on the project, but those things may not be related to 

To sum up, how do we overcome gaps: production - marketing - sales (so 
to speak).

Just thinking out loud. Not sure if this makes sense anyway.


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