[Marketing] [Proposal] Auto-publish CommBlog posts to main @Fedora Twitter Account

Ryan Lerch rlerch at redhat.com
Mon Mar 28 20:58:52 UTC 2016

On 29 Mar 2016 05:05, "Remy DeCausemaker" <decause at redhat.com> wrote:
> mktgs,
> As per a discussion we've been having on the commops list
> (
> ) Churchyard has pointed out that the @Fedoracommunity twitter account
> is basically just an RSS feed, and that the machine generated titles
> are boring, and not very engaging for current or potential followers.
> I've been asked to put forth a proposal to unify our social media
> auto-posting presences.
> Currently, there are three active twitter accounts: @Fedora,
> @Fedoracommunity and @Fedobot.
> @Fedora https://twitter.com/fedora is our main twitter account, which
> has the Fedora Magazine auto-publishing to that feed via the jetpack
> plugin in Wordpress. It has 68.9K followers.
> @Fedoracommunity https://twitter.com/fedoracommunity is a separate
> twitter account we set up in the early days of the CommBlog, to test
> out jetpack auto-posting. It has 143 followers.
> @Fedobot  https://twitter.com/fedobot is a twitter bot that has been
> used for experimental auto-posting not associated with our Wordpress
> blogs, such as wordcloudbot (auto-posts wordclouds based on IRC
> meeting logs.) It has 51 followers.
> It has been suggested that we adjust the community blog's jetpack
> plugin to post to the main @Fedora twitter account, so that we are not
> dividing our content. The only possible issue that we have here is
> that there is occasional cross-promotion that occurs between Magazine
> and CommBlog. When we have big announcements--we post pointer or
> wrapper articles between the two. This would create some overlap or
> echo within the twitter feed.
> Even with this echo consideration in mind, I would propose to the mktg
> list that we auto-publish posts from the CommBlog to the main @Fedora
> twitter account, now that we've established our readership and
> editorial process a bit further.
> This will *significantly* improve the visibility of our contributor
> focused content published on CommBlog, as well as increase the
> frequency of posts to the @Fedora twitter account (roughly 2-10
> articles per week.)
> Thank you all for your time and attention to this proposal, and votes
> and discussions are welcome here.
> --RemyD.

-1 from me.

I don't think autoposting posts to the @fedora account is a good idea. We
currently don't even do this for the Magazine, and while it is extra manual
work, the human angle that is on the posts about magazine on the Fedora
Twitter feed is really nice (stickster currently does many of these, and
does an awesome job)

The main idea of the community blog account on Twitter is basically to just
be that firehose without slamming our 60K+ followers on @fedora with bot
generate posts.

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