[Fedora-music-list] CCRMA kernel in FC5?

Anthony Green green at redhat.com
Sun May 21 10:13:47 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 23:47 -0700, thewade wrote:
> I have no problem adding the CCRMA repo to my yum.repos.d directory, as 
> I do now with FC4. What is the advantage of including CCRMA in Fedora 
> Extras? Just default install inclusion I imagine.

Off the top of my head..

- It's easier for more people to contribute

- It should eliminate the problem of conflicts between Core/Extras and

- It should eliminate the lag between an FC release and package

- It should be easier to support non-x86 hosts (PPC, for instance)

The downside is that each package has to go through a relatively lengthy
review process before it can get included.  However, in my limited
experience, packages are usually better off for having gone through this
review.  For instance, see what I'm going through with ardour...


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