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Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Wed Jul 2 01:54:46 UTC 2008

Max Spevack wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Jul 2008, Oisin Feeley wrote:
>> I'm a bit miffed that this decision appears to have been handled as 
>> though it were "in the gift" of Max, as oppposed to a more open 
>> discussion.  I realize that this smacks of thwarted ambition -- but 
>> that's because it is!  I've devoted a significant amount of time to 
>> FWN over the past year or so, and I don't like the feeling that 
>> marketing, or whoever, is parachuting in a new direction without 
>> discussion from this community.
> Oisin,
> If you are to be annoyed with anyone, you should be annoyed with me. 
> The facts are simple: Thomas left the FWN project, and I tried to step 
> into the void to keep things moving along.  For a few weeks, I was 
> able to do this, but events caught up to me (RH Summit and FUDCon) and 
> it became clear that we needed to get new leadership in place quickly.
> You did send me a note indicating your desire to step up into a 
> leadership role, and I was remiss in following up.  This was entirely 
> my fault, and it demonstrated some poor leadership from me.
> So here we are.  We have a number of *enthusiastic* contributors, and 
> I am not here to bless a single person or persons as "FWN Editor".  I 
> don't know that we even *need* an official editor.  The way I see it, 
> the duties that need to be filled are:
> 1) Someone who nags people to get their beats done.
> 2) Someone who compiles the Overview page.
> 3) ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE who do editorial passes over the Beats pages 
> and edit for content, voice, etc.
> 4) Someone who actually sends FWN to the fedora-announce-list and also 
> puts it on their blog.
> None of these roles need to be filled by the same person.  I think 
> there are plenty of opportunities for shared leadership and 
> accountability.
> Oisin, I would ask that you forgive me for handling a "transition" in 
> a slightly sloppy manner, and not blame Pascal or Huzaifa for my 
> failings.
> Can the three of you figure out a way to divide up the duties that I 
> mentioned above (or any others that I forgot) in a way that can make 
> sure everyone feels like their contributions are valued?
> What can I do to help?  Maybe the best thing is to just step aside.
> My goal is the same as it was always -- to get some number of 
> motivated contributors working to ensure we have a FWN every week.  
> I'm willing to help on an ongoing basis in any way that the FWN 
> leadership team would like.

I agree, there is plenty to keep a number of people busy for some time, 
particularly with the expressed momentum to expand coverage into 
multimedia and perhaps move to a Wordpress format in place of the wiki.  
Oisin and Huzaifa, I am happy to contribute however I can.  Of the 
above, do either of you want to take the lead on any particular items?  
I can fill in where needed.

Is there a weekly News meeting?  We may want to schedule something 
weekly, or have a discussion as part of the weekly Marketing IRC, so we 
can discuss some of this as there is a lot of change right now.

  - pascal
> Sincerely,
> Max
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