[Bug 206478] Review Request: Yumdiff - Compares RPMS installed on local and remote systems

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Wed Oct 18 11:41:41 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: Yumdiff - Compares RPMS installed on local and remote systems


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 at freenet.de  2006-10-18 07:41 EST -------
(In reply to comment #11)
> (In reply to comment #10)
> > (In reply to comment #9)
> > > Lacking a timely response from Ralf,
> > Hmm? Note, this package is still in FE_NEW. 
> > I never started formally reviewing it ;)
> > 
> > > is there anything I can do to move this
> > > forward?
> > Yes, may-be I had not been clear enough.
> > 
> > IMO, your script in its current shape is non-functional (C.f. comment #7).
> > => Bring it to function.
> I guess what I'm getting at is that within scope I intended, I've not run into
> any problems with this script.  In what way does it not function?
Design flaw #1: The whole working principle is flawed.

You can't apply /var/log/rpmpkgs for the purpose you intend.

Just rm /var/log/rpmpkgs on the remote host and you'll see.
> > >   I'm willing to make improvements, but I need more specific examples
> > > in order to make them . . .
> > Additional food for thought:
> > * What if the remote host uses a different Linux distro?
> Yumdiff is only intended to support Fedora, currently.
All your script does is to remotely execute a script, from inside of a python
script. It's really trivial to extend this remote script with a couple of checks
to make it more reliable.

> > * What if the remote host doesn't use rpm or yum?
> As all Fedora hosts use rpm, and Yumdiff never calls yum on the remote host, I
> don't see a problem here.

> If there are problems or improvements I can make to make this function better
> with Fedora, I will.  It was never intended to make installed-software
> comparisions across distros or OSs, as these comparisons could very well be
> meaningless due to differences in software version, package system type, etc.
Design flaw #2: You are executing a script remotely. Therefore you can't rely on
any assumption.

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