[Bug 230275] Review Request: varnish - High-performance HTTP accelerator

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Fri Apr 20 14:47:17 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: varnish - High-performance HTTP accelerator


matthias at rpmforge.net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From matthias at rpmforge.net  2007-04-20 10:47 EST -------
For having packaged and used varnish, just a few comments :
- The %lib_name doesn't seem very useful, and having used plain "libs" instead
of "-n %{lib_name}" for the sub-package would make things clearer. Also, the
"future" devel package would be named wrong since it would be "varnish-libs-devel".
- Some brackets are used inconsistently ("%version-%{release}").
- A condrestart should probably be added in %postun, as it makes sense to
restart varnishd after an update.
- The .gz extensions in %files for the man pages are wrong, you should use
something like "*.1*" instead, for people who rebuild with uncompressed or
bzip2ed man pages.
- You could spare a lot of "mkdir -p" by using "install -D".
- The "--sbindir=/usr/sbin" on the %configure line is redundant.
- The iteration for the UTF-8 conversion would be best done with a glob, i.e.
"for i in bin/*/*.1", as it'll be less subject to break if any programs are
added or removed.
- I would personally add a comment above the "Requires: gcc" line to explain
that varnish *really* needs a C compiler at runtime by design because of its VCL
- The explicit requirements on "ncurses" should be removed, as it's wrong to
have it (wouldn't allow for a compat-ncurses to work right).
- The kernel requirement should probably be removed from the libs package,
unless they are the ones requiring 2.6 specific features (but I think it's only
the daemon).

rpmlint's output is valuable, but having it empty unfortunately doesn't
necessarily mean that the package is perfect!

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