[Bug 226198] Merge Review: nfs-utils

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Mon Mar 12 15:55:02 UTC 2007

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Summary: Merge Review: nfs-utils


------- Additional Comments From steved at redhat.com  2007-03-12 11:55 EST -------
> W: nfs-utils summary-ended-with-dot

> E: nfs-utils tag-not-utf8 %changelog
> E: nfs-utils non-utf8

> W: nfs-utils macro-in-%changelog pre
found the the uncovered '%'

> W: nfs-utils no-url-tag

> W: nfs-utils strange-permission 
Not sure I can fix this one without deleting
and then re-adding the scripts back... and I
believe CVS has issues with this type of activity
so I would rather not... 

> W: nfs-utils unversioned-explicit-obsoletes
Removed all obsoletes tags since they really 
didn't make sense... at least not to me... 

> W: nfs-utils unversioned-explicit-provides
Reworked all the Provides: tags to show all the
binaries that will be installed.

> W: nfs-utils buildprereq-use 

> W: nfs-utils prereq-use

> W: nfs-utils rpm-buildroot-usage
removed the --prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT since it was not

> W: nfs-utils mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs

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