Fedora 18 Resume and suspend scripts.. How do I do this.

Jaroslav Skarvada jskarvad at redhat.com
Fri Mar 15 14:24:48 UTC 2013

> Just in case others are having battery life problems with laptops
> installing tuned an tuned-profiles-compat on the laptop, and putting
> this script in the /etc/pm/power.d directory makes a big difference
> in battery life.
As tuned upstream I recommend you not to use the tuned-profiles-compat.
It is there for backward compatibility. It's better to use the
powersave profile from the base package. Currently the
laptop-battery-powersave is just an alias to powersave profile but we
would like to phase it out. In tuned version 2 we wanted to
simplify the profiles and use the best approach regardless of the
machine type by utilizing auto-detection etc. I.e. we wanted the
powersave profile to mean the max power-savings always.
> #!/bin/sh
> # 00-powermodes
> case $1 in
> true)
> tuned-adm profile laptop-battery-powersave
> ;;
> false)
> tuned-adm profile balanced
> ;;
> *) echo "ERROR: used incorrectly."
> ;;
> esac
This is something we wanted to ship in the past, but we stepped back
as this may be not the best option for all users. Sometimes doing
the job quickly on the full computational power and then
sleeping/idling may save more energy (time on battery) in total than
doing the same job on throttled machine. That's why the balanced profile
which incorporates dynamic switching/balancing between performance/powersave
may fit better. But the script above may help in case your
laptop is mostly idling when on the battery (e.g. it is mostly
used for internet browsing when mobile). For such use case scenarios
the script may be useful.

> As well I had a suspend and resume problem with the backlight on my
> Dell XPS 13 (Intel GMA 4000).. after a suspend and resume, the
> backlight would could not be adjusted, and was set to max
> brightness.
The user space workaround/scripts are temporal hacks. Please report
the issues to Red Hat Bugzilla [1] against component kernel, because
they are all kernel bugs that needs to be fixed.

> Hope this will save people a lot of googling. Is this something that
> could be submitted to the developers as patch?
Thanks for sharing. It would be great if you could start a wiki page
for your laptop model and to add the workarounds/bugzilas links to
the wiki so other people could benefit from it. I think such page
could be freely created on fedoraproject wiki and it would be
also great to link it from Fedora Hardware Compatibility List [2]

thanks & regards


[1] http//bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/HCL/Machines/Laptops

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