PackageKit failure: PolicyKit timeout?

Warren Togami wtogami at
Tue Sep 9 03:02:33 UTC 2008

Reproduce Procedure:
Install F9 + updates as of early August from this Live image.

Update to  PackageKit and fedora-release from:

Minor Bug...
1) Two PK icons in the tray after upgrade to PackageKit-0.2.5. 

Pretty serious bug...
2) Red and white dialog box tells me there are security updates available.

* Click "Install All Updates".  Walk away for 30 minutes.
* When I get back, I see a pop-up asking if I want to import the key. 
Yes/No. I click Yes.
* It asks for the root password.  I type the root password.
* It pops up again asking if I want to import the key.  I click Yes.
PackageKit Error
The install task could not be requeued
More details
role unknown for reque
* At this point it appears that PK failed, but it is actually updating 
packages in the background while the dialog shows a failure and the 
other dialog makes it appear that it finished.

Some kind of PolicyKit timeout?  It isn't fatal, but it is very 
confusing and a user is likely to do something stupid because they are 
not aware that the update is still going in the background.

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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