Image Suggestion

Harold Grovesteen h.grovsteen at
Sat May 22 17:20:35 UTC 2010

I was happy to see that a new Hercules ready image is being prepared.  I 
have a question that is inspired by Mike Stramba's post to the Linux 
email list and some exchanges I have had with him off list.

The startup script sets up the tun/tap driver for use by Hercules.  
Mike's problem is he is using a hosted Linux solution and does not have 
the required access to successfully use this script.  Remembering that 
this is really to help folks with limited Hercules and Linux experience 
get Fedora up and running, can a "no network option" be provided that 
eliminates this issue.   I don't know how heavily this is tied to the 
Linux parms.

Maybe some simple words in a README would suffice.  There might be other 
reasons than Mike's for wanting to install Fedora under Hercules and 
defer the network connectivity to later.  People new to an environment 
tend to not know what flexibility they really have and assume a failure 
is a failure or not know how to easily get around the issue.

I am still very pleased that at least one distro is willing to support 
Hercules directly.  Thank you and keep up the great work.

Harold Grovesteen

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