tracking of packages that have build failures

Dan Horák dan at
Mon Jun 27 13:05:38 UTC 2011

Hi all secondary architectures,

s390x is probably the most up-to-date secondary architecture in Fedora
and because there are still packages that fail to build I have started a
wiki page [1] to track that issues. It's meant as a temporary storage
before the failure is fully analysed and
- fix is applied to the package or
- proper bug report in Fedora or upstream is created or
- the set of supported architectures is updated.
Usually a short info about the cause of the failure is written here and
interested parties can take packages from this list and try to resolve
the failure. Right now the list is shared mainly between s390x and ppc,
but in my opinion it could be useful also for other arches, like in
sparc for endianity issues same as in ppc/s390x, etc.

And as you probably know it's a never ending fight because what could be
built yesterday can fail today :-(



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