[sandbox] modifying the Xephyr window title (patch)

Christoph A. casmls at gmail.com
Sun May 15 22:26:38 UTC 2011

On 04/22/2011 01:07 PM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> >
>> > If most of your windows are sandboxed applications, your bar looks like:
>> >
>> > [Sandbox sandbo..] [Sandbox sandbo..] [Sandbox sandbo..]
>> >
>> > and it is hard to find a specific application.
>> >
>> > example of a current Xephyr title:
>> > Sandbox sandbox_web_t:s0:c112,c991 -- /usr/bin/firefox
>> >
>> > with the modification in the attached patch titles will look like:
>> >
>> > /usr/bin/firefox (sandbox_web_t)
>> >
>> > and it should be easier to find a specific application.
>> > In addition to the type I would find it handy to also include the
>> > DISPLAY in the title (needed when using xsel for copy'n paste).
>> >
> Thanks, I like this a lot.  

Thanks for accepting these little patches.

The attached patch changes the window title a little more to display the
program name instead of the full path to the executable.

/usr/bin/firefox (sandbox_web_t)
/usr/bin/evince '/tmp/foobar.pdf' (sandbox_x_t)

after applying the patch titles look like the following:
firefox (sandbox_web_t)
evince (sandbox_x_t)

> I do know if there is a way to change the
> label from within Xephyr, since we don not know the DISPLAY at the time
> we are setting the label.

I played a bit with 'xprop'. I was able to modify the title from outside
the sandbox but not from within. I think it is not possible to change it
from within the sandbox because the title is a property from the main X
(running at :0 ).

kind regards,
Christoph A.
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