State of GFS, OCFS2, Clustering, iSCSI, etc. in Fedora (recap a few bits)

Dennis J. dennisml at
Thu Jan 15 04:48:07 UTC 2009

On 01/14/2009 09:03 PM, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:

>> After having the problems with system-config-cluster I tried Conga as the
>> alternative route for configuration but "luci" seems to have gone AWOL.
>> According to Conga wasn't part of F7
>> and F8 because of python compat. issues. Is this the reason that luci isn't
>> part of F10?
> conga/luci and modules are there from F9. I have updates some of those
> builds myself so I am sure they are there.

But where exactly are they? I've tried finding packages like "*luci*" and 
"*conga*" with yum. I looked into the packages you mentioned previously 
(modcluster, ricci, cluster-snmp and cluster-cim). I tried a repoquery for 
"*luci*", "*Luci*", "*conga*" and "*Conga*" but none of the resulting 
packages have anything to do with clustering.

> Well some of them are valid issues, others are old/not updated
> documentation that is still at RHEL5 level. Things have been evolving a
> lot in the meantime and generally new docs are generated when a new
> stable upstream release happens. So far (since RHEL5/STABLE2) there have
> been no new major stable releases (with 3.0.0 upcoming in a couple of
> months just for F11). So you are looking into a transition phase of the
> software and expect to be everything already settled.

Apparently my timing for diving into this was a bit unfortunate. A bit 
earlier and I would have found things to be closer to the current 
documentation on the web. A bit later and the documentation probably would 
have reflected the current state of things more.

Thanks for the pointers so far. That information definitely helped to clear 
some of the confusion surrounding the current state of cluster related 
technologies in fedora for a newbie like me.


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