Five basic principles for Fedora, from a server perspective.

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu Sep 2 19:17:46 UTC 2010

Matthew Miller (mattdm at said: 
> > ... the cairo that's shipped the same library ABI since Fedora Core 6? I'm
> > not trying to be too much of a smartass, but that seems a bit facetious.
> Cairo seems to be a very well-run project, so I'm not terribly worried it
> breaking things. But new versions have new API features, which desktop stuff
> needs. And bugfix updates may be essential to the desktop, but we probably
> don't care at all on the server. So if we have a common core, it's likely to
> get updated more than we really would like -- avoiding updates altogether is
> one of the reasons to keep the package list small.

Perhaps, but given that it's only ever been updated once post-release since
Fedora 9, I'm not seeing that it's a huge deal. I suspect you'll get more
superfluous updates for SELinux features that are only tangentially related
to @core usage, for example.


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