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Michael R. Davis mrdvt92 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 21:13:52 UTC 2013

Fedora Server Folks,
I think the group needs to focus on making things easier for 100% RPM Installs.  RPM is the package manager for Fedora so applications SHOULD be deployable with 100% RPM-based installs and NOT require another system to get them running or configure them (e.g. chef, puppet, CFengine).
Here's a short list of things that I would like and would be rather easy to implement.
 - Any daemon can be started and running with a "-on" package (e.g. httpd-on) just a wrapper with chkconfig on + service start
 - /etc/fstab.d/ capability
 - Moving /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files from fedora-release to an independent package that can optionally not be installed in the kickstart. THIS IS A BIG SECURITY PET PEEVE OF MINE.  
>>    * Database server (both free and commercial).
>> s/commercial/proprietary/ I guess ?

We really need to fix the Oracle instant client mess.  SpaceWalk tried but why can't Fedora make a really great wrapper RPM so that it just works.  I'm sure most of you will say why can't Oracle just make good RPMs.  I have my own wrapper but why make it so hard. Same with Perl-DBD-Oracle. This is a political effort more than technical.  But, these are the kinds of things, I think, this group needs to work on.  I am not proposing that Fedora host Oracle RPMs (wrong license) but work with Oracle to fix it for everyone in one place and just make it easy.

>>  * Simplify management and deployment.[1]

Bottom line I think Fedora should provide the running building block or even full running applications like TurnKey Linux with a nice default configuration.  e.g. I need a running webserver "yum install httpd-on".  I need a running database "yum install postgresql-server-on".

So, a web application spec simply requires: postgresql-server-on httpd-on and done!

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