Stuff that should be our target going forward ?

Simo Sorce simo at
Thu Oct 31 13:39:23 UTC 2013

Ok this is just an example that hit me today, so I wonder what is the
opinion here, please do not concentrate on the problem at hand but on
the general problem it highlights (user experience on server).

In a headless F20 if you "yum install firefox" you get a broken
application when you want to run it through an ssh session (I ssh -Y in
my VM).

I think this is a reasonably common mode of operation, and yet
installing firefox does not bring in all the dependencies it needs to
actually work.

The classic dependency it misses that I know about is xorg-x11-xauth,
however in F20 firefox apparently also misses fonts and will show an
unintelligible crash report dialog (unintelligible because there are no

I think a good server experience will require that yum install firefox
on a headless system installs all required packages to make it work, is
this something we need to take care of going forward ?

Apparently there is some dispute about who owns the bug, but I wasn't
able to find out where, on #fedora-devel I was told it was in a bug that
has probably been closed w/o resolving the issue ...


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