Proposal for every WG to send a short summary *to other WGs directly*

Honza Horak hhorak at
Tue Aug 26 14:46:40 UTC 2014

Hi working groups members,

since we have learned on Flock that new Fedora working groups do not 
communicate with each other much (or enough), I'd like to propose the 

Every working group will time to time (e.g. weekly) send short summary 
about what they did / were talking about directly to mailing lists of 
other working groups + to devel at fp.o. Really only a short summary with 
links where one can find details.

I tried to collect such info from the meeting logs and mailing lists for 
the last few weeks for Env and Stacks WG:

I found many notes are really worth spreading beyond groups' borders, 
but it takes too much time for one person to collect all the 
information. Thus, proposing to "do a summary once per group and share 
with other groups".

Another benefit would be that Matt would have better content for his 5tiftw.

I don't think we need to sync about date or frequency, just remembering 
to send a direct mail if anything interesting is done/discussed should 
work fine.

List of proposed MLs to send this summary to:
server at
desktop at
cloud at
env-and-stacks at
devel at

Comments, ideas or better solutions are welcome as usually, but I might 
be offline until Sunday, so do not expect any answers from me in that 
time :)


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