Trimming down the package set

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sat Feb 14 13:11:32 UTC 2015

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Stephen Gallagher <sgallagh at> wrote:
> So, at DevConf over the weekend, I had a conversation with several
> people around the package set that we should include on the Fedora
> Server install media in Fedora 22.
> When we put together the install media for Fedora 21, we basically took
> the old Fedora 20 DVD install and stripped out some of the things we
> didn't feel were necessary for the Server. However, I suspect that we
> may have missed numerous things that are not *strictly* important for
> Server.
> In particular, the Fedora Server DVD includes the package groups for
> many of the Fedora development tools (particularly those useful for
> developing Fedora *itself*, such as the @fedora-packager group.
> I don't currently have statistics on how much space this would save on
> the installation DVD (since I would pretty much have to build one
> without these packages to verify it), but I can get an approximate idea
> of the difference by installing the minimal set of Server packages on
> one VM and a set that includes the devel packages on another.
> The result I see is:
> == Standard Server Install ==
> * 614 packages
> * 1,097 MB on the installed system
> == Server Install Plus Development Tools ==
> * 716 packages
> * 1496 MB on the installed system.
> Even if we assume a (very) generous assumption that the RPM compression
> reduces the size difference by 50%, we still see a probable savings of
> 200 MB on the install DVD.
> So, my questions to the Server SIG:
> 1) Is this savings in the DVD ISO download size sufficiently significant
> to continue this conversation?
> 2) Does anyone see any value in keeping this material *on the DVD*?
> Obviously, all of these packages will remain available to the network
> install or post-installation environments.

I did some work when F-21 was in it's final days looking at the
package set needed for freeipa-server. I got some improvements but
quickly went down a rabbit hole. There's a bunch of improvements still
to be made in the java side of things which I suspect could improve
both the installed set of pacakges and the DVD size too. I was going
to look at this again shortly with F-22+

The bugs still open to date are:
389-ds-base  389-ds-base

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