Fedora 23 Server: Fate of i686?

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Tue May 5 19:00:19 UTC 2015

On Tuesday, May 05, 2015 12:08:10 PM Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> One thing that came up near the end of today's Server SIG meeting was the
> question of whether to support Server Roles as Docker containers in Fedora
> 23. The primary reason for holding off on this in the past was that only
> x86_64 systems could run Docker. This left i686 and armv7hl (our other two
> primary architectures) out in the cold if we went this path.

There is no technical reason that i686 does not have docker builds.


> However, in recent months, support for Docker has been added to armv7hl.
> With now only one of Fedora's primary architectures lacking Docker support,
> it's time to reconsider. There are some strong arguments in favor of
> containerizing the Server Roles, notably the ability to update the Fedora
> Server platform and the roles independently. I think we'll likely
> experiment with creating a containerized Role during the Fedora 23
> development phase.
> Of course, with i686 being the only outlier, it begs an obvious question: Is
> i686 interesting to us in Fedora Server? I'm not discussing Fedora as a
> whole: there's plenty of value in supporting i686 for Workstation and for
> other spins, but it might not be as interesting to this space. The most
> common reason for the i686 argument is for the repurposing of old hardware,
> but I have trouble seeing much old hardware being used for Server tasks
> these days (at least, hardware so old that it cannot run the 64-bit
> version).
> I'd like to propose that we stop shipping Fedora Server install media for
> i686 in Fedora 23. It would still be possible to install the majority of
> the package set by using the (planned) generic netinstall image in Fedora
> 23, so if someone *really* wanted a 32-bit version minus the Docker bits,
> they could get it.
> Thoughts? Concerns?
> This isn't a request for a formal vote (yet). I just want to hear what
> people think about this idea.
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