need help: fc1 for amd64

Gene C. czar at
Sun Dec 21 17:33:56 UTC 2003

On Sunday 21 December 2003 11:58, Nathan Bryant wrote:
> his is kind of out of left field, but
> maybe their bios tries to probe the monitor's frequency ranges and set
> an optimal (read: as high as possible) refresh rate, and your kvm switch
> isn't letting the sense data get through.

Good point.  I really need to try direct connecting this monitor.  However, if 
it is doing that, there should also be some way to disable that "feature" in 
the BIOS setup and I did not see any.

> i had a hell of a time getting my Sun Ultra5 or Ultra10 or whatever it
> works working with a PC monitor through a kvm switch... probably a
> Belkin switch, too... if it was plugged in directly to the monitor when
> the box was booted, it would work ok, and then I could switch it over to
> the kvm switch.
> good luck updating the bios. maybe you can flash it through Windows with
> their bios liveupdate thing.

I really need to find out why the floppy drive is not recognized.

Right now I am installing taroon-amd64 (better than nothing but not really 
what I want).  With this in 64 bit mode, maybe I can determine what is wrong 
with the Linksys NIC and other stuff.

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