A Newbie with 2135 and trying to install NVIDIA 4496 or 5328

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Dec 29 06:51:56 UTC 2003

Am Mo, den 29.12.2003 schrieb Keith Goode um 07:37:
> OK, this is how far I have got and can't get any further...  Help! 
> Arghhhhh!
> I put the system at runlevel at 3, logged in as root, and ran the .run
> pkg for either the 4496 or 5328..  No matter what, it tells me it does
> not know where my kernel (or I need to recompile...) is and wants me to
> include --kernel-include-path...  
> I know I have 2135, but, does anyone know what I am supposed to do?
> This is the first time I have ever run Linux at all, and I do not know
> anything!  At least the Fedora installation went easy enough for me to
> understand, I even kept Windows 2000 on board!  
> Thanks,
> Keith Goode

Follow the instructions on:

(with this you will have to install the kernel-source first)

or install the RPMs from: http://www2.educ.umu.se/~peter/nvidia/


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