Broken Fedora mozilla ppc packages (and the fix)

Joel Barrios jbarrios at
Mon Nov 3 21:45:53 UTC 2003

Yes, I know it's really crazy, but I wanted to test the fedora PPC

After installing PPC packages from Fedora in an iMac DV (I just avoided
initscripts, devlabel, gpm and mkinitrd), I was wondering why everything
worked fine except for mozilla/epiphany. I even rebuilt from SRPMs
several 1.4.1 SRPMs releases with 100% of negative results, until I
examined the mozilla spec file and found out why Fedora's mozilla RPMs
for PPC are broken:

# build mozilla - XCFLAGS is for NSS which can't use CFLAGS for
# various reasons
%ifarch ia64

%ifarch ia64
CXXFLAGS="-fno-inline -g"

Guess the PPC mozilla packages were built just doing rpmbuild --rebuild.
So, <>
has mozilla _PPC_ binary pacakges built with OPTFLAGS=-O2 and
CXXFLAGS=-g (!?!).

After removing these lines from the spec file, that really should
consider other architectures, and doing rpmbuild -bb, I could
successfully build mozilla packages that actually _work_ on PPC.

Joel Barrios D.
Linux Para Todos

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