RH recommends using Windows?

Noah Silva [Mailing list] nsilva-list at aoi.atari-source.com
Tue Nov 4 20:15:20 UTC 2003

> That's on the server side.  When I went home and installed RedHat 9 it
> picked up my Epson Perfection 1250 scanner, my Epson C40UX printer worked
> without downloading drivers, and my Canon Powershot S30 digital camera
> worked just fine.  All of these without going and having to download
> drivers.  Everyone of the three devices I just listed requires a driver
> download for Windows XP.

Part of this is that you got lucky.
Part of it is that a lot of devices are standards based, and don't _need_
drivers, but come wit them anyway.  For example, my digital camera shows
up as a USB mass storage device.  If it needed drivers, they would be very
generic drivers.  But in windows, it installs also a tray icon daemon that
looks for when it is attached, etc.  I am sure Windows XP knows how to use
USB mass storage, and probably even with that Chipset.

> And for the record the Netgear WG511 wireless card does require a download
> for both, and so do the NVidia and ATI graphics cards.

Only some ATI Graphics cards. (and for both: only for 3D).

Another point is that if say .. my camera maker tells both MS and RH to
"shove off".  Windows will never have the driver built in then.  Someone
will eventually reverse-engineer it for linux, and then we have it, where
windows can't.

 -- noah silva

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