Well supported, reliable NICs for Redhat Linux/Fedora?

Jesse Keating jkeating at j2solutions.net
Wed Nov 19 18:44:51 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 10:33, Lamar Owen wrote:
> It isn't.  Seagate has a 182MB SCSI disk.  Although it's only
> 7200RPM. (models ST1181677LCV and LWV)

Ah, I hadn't seen that model.

> > The argument is that
> > certain technologies while not necessary for you may be necessary
> > for your neighboor, and shouldn't be discounted.
> I figured you'd get the fact that I was continuing your line of
> thought on that...

Yep, I almost missed that fact (;

> SATA seems like a good inside the box disk option. Cabling is
> certainly a big plus, although I question the need for Yet Another
> Power Connector.  For outside the box and really big arrays fibre
> channel is the clear winner in terms of performance and capacity,
> with arrays being able to be split amongst different towns if need be
> (given that they're within a few km of each other).  But SCSI still
> has its advantages for many things.

I also question the need, but it is a rather moot point when dealing 
with hotswap backplanes.  I tend to agree with your assessment up to a 
point.  Large SATA servers (16disks in a 3u chassis) are becoming one 
of our hottest items for sale.  Seems to fit the bill if quite a few 
customers who need big storage, but can't afford the big cost of fibre 
channel.  Mostly these are companies who don't have an office in 
another town (;

I do also agree though, that SCSI has advantages for many things, but 
isn't the clear winner for everything.  No technology that I've seen is 
perfect for everybody for everything.

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