kernel rebuild does'nt build actual kernel

Harry Putnam reader at
Thu Mar 4 16:40:31 UTC 2004

"Tom 'spot' Callaway" <tcallawa at> writes:

> No. What this means in English is "If the arch is not i386, x86_64, or
> sparc, do not build the source package." The only arch that you want a
> kernel-source package for is one of those three, because the source is
> not optimized for any specific arch, only the binaries. This is why
> there is a kernel-source*.i386.rpm and not a kernel-source*.i686.rpm.
> The old conditional methods from the 2.4 kernel are no longer present in
> the 2.6 kernel spec. And while the spec could probably use a little bit
> of commenting, as a whole, its a LOT less difficult to parse than the
> 2.4 spec.

Thanks for the explanations... but I still don't see how to control
the build from the spec file.  For example:

  Don't build the debug rpms
  only build i686
  don't build an src file
  do build a src file


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