FC2T2 Upgrade & SELinux

Gene Smith gds at chartertn.net
Tue Mar 30 05:06:59 UTC 2004

netopml at newview.com wrote, On 03/29/2004 06:25 PM:
> cra at WPI.EDU ("Charles R. Anderson") writes:
>>Upgrading to SELinux is too hard.
> Not it's not. You install both policy and checkpolicy rpms, you reboot. You
> run "fixfiles relabel", you reboot one more time and you're done. And it's
> all in the FAQ whose url was given prior and in the release notes...

 From a clean install using the FC2 Test1 4-CD's I have kept updated 
with yum, including the xorg upgrade. When I boot, I see that I am at 
version 1.91. Are you saying I do not need to create 4 more FC2 T2 CD's 
and do another clean install to reach true FC2 T2? I can just obtain the 
"policy" rpms  and install them per the FAQ? (I understand that testing 
the installer from scratch is beneficial, but right now I would rather 
not go that route if possible.)
p/s: Only problem I am seeing is X lock-ups and running glxinfo crashes 
X as described in a previous post and bugzilla.

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