Some Experiences with FC5T1 Install

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Nov 24 14:34:23 UTC 2005

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:

> Note:  Install on a multiboot test system, separate boot partitions 
> for each distro.
> 1.  Normal startup booting from cd 1.
> 2.  To partition, used create custom layout. Anaconda did not see all 
> of the logical volumes nor all of the raid disks.  Had to use a 
> terminal and re-create them.  All had been in existence before the 
> install.

File this against Anaconda

> 3.  Install failed when it decided that the logical volume mounted for 
> /home "probably" wasn't formated or some other error--reboot.
> 4.  Reinstall repeating step 2 above, but didn't mount anything from 
> the logical volumes except for the ones originally seen.
> 5.  Rest of install seemed normal.
> Above in bug 174047.
> 6.  Reboot showed a strange screen with double icons, and lots of junk.

Possibly audit output.

> 7.  xorg.conf showed the device driver as "vesa."  Corrected to 
> radeon, restarted X and all was well.
> Note:  I have installed every FC Test since 1 and never has this 
> happened.  Haven't filled a bug, but will.  Where?  Anaconda or X?


> 8.  Selinux was activated even tho I explicitly unselected it during 
> install.  Bug??

Anaconda again.

> 9. Yum update...dependencies not resolved due to 
> being needed by multiple programs.  Took some doing, but --excluding 
> the selinux items, etc., got system up-to-date.
> 10.  Reboot to test and initrd barfed, couldn't find my root partition 
> which is on a LV.  Rebooted with install kernel and initrd, forgot 
> Selinux was on.  Rebooted with selinux=0, old kernel and then on to 11.
Yum remove slrn newt would have a workaround. No need to exclude SELinux.

> 11.  Shut off selinux, removed mkinitrd-5.0.11 (--nodeps), installed 
> mkinitrd-5.0.10 from install CD, recreated new initrd for the 1707 
> kernel, rebooted and all is well again.  Have seen a similar problem 
> with mkinitrd and will update that bug (169059).
> 12. All in all, things are not bad and installed system looks nice. 
> Everything on this test box is on LVs, except the boot partitions, so 
> this will be a good test.
> 12. Good work all you dudes who made it possible.
Welcome. Thank you for the reports. Keep them coming!

> 13.  Still testing and having fun between cooking the turkey, eating 
> the turkey, and visiting with family.

Happy  Thanksgiving.


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