bizarre yum

M A Young m.a.young at
Thu Aug 12 07:28:02 UTC 2010

On Wed, 11 Aug 2010, Felix Miata wrote:

> 1-updated F13/KDE system this AM.
> 2-cloned the F13 partition to another partition
> 3-changed the clone's UUID
> 4-adjusted the clone's grub.conf & fstab, then booted it
> 5-rpm -Uvh fedora-release-14-0.7.noarch.rpm
> 6-yum update yum rpm (fails)
> 7-yum update yum rpm --nogpgcheck --skip-broken
> Result:
> 119 packages installed, among them freetype, kde, fontconfig-devel, akonadi,
> qt-webkit, libXinerama-devel, libchamplain-gtk, amarok, qt-webkit, BackupPC,
> compat-gdbm

The change from python 2.6 to python 2.7 may be holding you up if you have 
packages installed that haven't been recompiled for python 2.7 in F14 
yet, or if you have other packages that use python that aren't in F14. The 
output from yum update will tell you what dependencies are holding you 

 	Michael Young

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