flash player 64bit?

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.us
Wed Jul 7 17:02:53 UTC 2010

I wasn't being snarky, I was being pragmatic.

You're absolutely right that a triager should have looked at the bug in bugzilla, tried to reproduce it, and comment on the results. I can't comment on why that didn't happen. What I was commenting on was the fact that when a bug sits untouched for whatever reason, the single best way to get it unstuck is for the people who care about it to provide more information.

The "most popular bugs" page reflects how many duplicate bugs have been filed on any particular issue. We most certainly do consider that as a factor when determining which bugs to work on. Would you rather have limited resources devoted to the firefox crash bugs which has been reported hundreds of times, or to the Flash bug reported by only a few people, none of whom has indicated when reporting the issue that they actually followed the documented instructions for deploying it?

And I didn't post details in the ticket because I and others posted them here, and you are active here, and I knew that you would follow up on the issue, and my time is limited. I could have decided not to contribute any help at all here or in the ticket; would that have been preferable?


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