L10N QA Template for F14

John Dulaney j_dulaney at live.com
Wed Jul 28 12:54:16 UTC 2010

In theory, changing the keyboard shouldn't break anything
since the scan codes are the same; what is actually written on the keys doesn't
matter.  However, we all know about the difference between theory and reality.

As for the test day, I concur.  I myself am willing to test the German and French
versions, although there shouldn't be enough difference there to matter in
terms of breaking stuff.

John Dulaney (jdulaney or j_dulaney), grandson of Arthur.

> Subject: Re: L10N QA Template for F14
> From: rhe at redhat.com
> To: igorsoares at gmail.com; noriko at fedoraproject.org
> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 15:12:31 +0800
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> Yeah, recently I found a bug(#617040) in F13 GA which even prevents
> install by using Arabic language. This is one of the issues which should
> have been discovered under the F13 cycle. 
> So to improve on this, in F14 cycle, how about we hosting it as a test
> day topic[3]? The translation is gonna be finished after Alpha phase, so
> this test day could be someday in the beta phase targeting on language
> translation and keyboard tests in anaconda for Beta candidates. Test
> cases[2] could be further modified or changed for use, and then we need
> to find testers both inside and outside the groups to maximum the
> participation and bugs discovery on that day(s).  
> What do you think of this?
> Many Thanks,
> Hurry

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