QA Test Proposal: install source test case, usb drive

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Sun Mar 28 04:03:46 UTC 2010

On 03/23/2010 12:25 PM, James Laska wrote:
> Yeah, I ran the following command ...
> # livecd-iso-to-disk --noverify --format
> Fedora-13-Beta-i386-DVD.iso /dev/sdb1
> Then booted, and installed from that live image with no other optical
> media present on the system.

I used your same arguments but it still failed with the same error 
message in the same place. I've even had a friend try with a complete 
different USB drive and different system. He also got the same error in 
the same place.

> While I don't think there is anything specific to your use case, you
> might try reviewing
>  for
> ideas.

I'm attaching my anaconda, storage, and program logs. Should I open a 
bug to keep this tracked?

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