Join Proven Packagers DRAFT

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Mon Mar 29 14:31:03 UTC 2010

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 00:12:00 -0500,
  Adam Miller <maxamillion at> wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I previously wrote a page called "Join Critical Path Wranglers
> Draft" and it has since been moved and edited. Its name has changed
> because of the new FAS group called provenpackagers has been made and
> will be in charge of the critical path QA.

Are there going to be multiple paths to getting in the provenpackager
group? Currently the path to that seems to be as a packager and applying
to FESCO. This new path seems to be through the QA group. Will both paths
remain or will just the new one exist.

> This is still a draft, but I think its quite a bit closer to
> finalization than the previous version. I'm wide open to questions,
> comments, and snide remarks.

Being in the packager group isn't listed as a prerequisite. Accesswise, that
will probably work, but it would seem to be odd to become a provenpackager
without already being a packager.

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