Post install dual-head nouveau setup?

Adam Jackson ajax at
Tue May 18 19:33:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 14:42 -0400, Chris Kloiber wrote:

>      EDID:
>          00ffffffffffff004e14044298000000
>          04120103085d34782a634ea3544a9926
>          0f474aadcf006159714a714f81c08140
>          8180b300a9401b2150a051001e304888
>          3500a20b3200001e023a801871382c40
>          582c4a00a20b3200001e000000fd003b
>          580f5e10000a202020202020000000fc
>          0058343242562d46756c6c48440a00d0

For whatever reason, your monitor has decided to say that its preferred
mode is 1360x768.  And we pick that by default because, well, it's
preferred.  If 1920x1080 really does work, we can quirk that to be
preferred instead I bet.

(There really are no interlaced modes in that EDID though.)

- ajax
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