New BugZapper Introduction.

Benjamin Turner bennyturns at
Wed May 19 18:27:49 UTC 2010

Hi everyone, thank you for giving the opportunity to join the Fedora
BugZapper group.  My name is Ben and I live in Raleigh NC.  I am an avid
Fedora user and have been working in the Linux world for the last couple of
years.  My interests and experience lie in clustering, iSCSI, filesystems,
automating QA testing, and storage in general.  I work in these areas and
would like to further my knowledge of these technologies and get more into
the upstream community.

I have some experience working in bugzilla but I am new to Fedora triaging
so any help in getting started would be appreciated.

Here is my contact info:

IRC: bennyturns
Email: bennyturns at
AIM: bennyturns

Thanks everyone and I look forward to helping out!

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